My name is Kris Green (MSc) but you may also know me has Chris Green (MSc), there is a story here and I will tell you the story when I meet you.

I am a fully insured and accredited Clinical Sports and Rehabilitation Specialist based in Wigan, Greater Manchester.  In 2020, I was granted a fellowship for Services to Sports Therapy Industry.

I am also an accredited specialist in "Human Movement Science"  and one of only few people in the country that has such accreditation.

I am often asked, "Kris, is it a nerve, joint or muscle problem?"  The answer is always "All three!" You cannot have one without the other and an injury affects the human movement.

I have been working in allied health care for 18 years, in this time I have been extremely lucky to represent the Great Britain & England Lions from 2008 to 2014.

I have been extremely fortunate to work with elite level athletes through the  British Athletics Commission.