Body In Motion- Wigan


At Body in Motion - Wigan we have a very simple but extremely effective approach to treating you.

We treat the movement NOT just the injury, this is the essence of Human Movement Science of which I am an advocate.

Sometimes in health care things can get very complicated very quickly.  Long complicated medical jargon can get in the way of understanding what we are doing and how it can help us. 

To that end, we would much sooner every patient fully understands what is happening to them to cause the pain, why it is happening and how we are going to correct it .

We can treat all issues from your head to you toes including back pain, neck pain, hips, shoulders and ankles issues using treatments such as sports massage, dry needling, joint manipulation, joint mobilisation, ultra sound, acupuncture plus more.

Following the recent government announcement we are pleased to announce that we have been given the go ahead to re-open our clinic doors from 15 /06/2020.

We have decided that because of the level of work that has to be put in to meet the Covid guidlines 

We will be opening in the first week of July with limited appointments ( maximum 6 patients per day )

We will be offering our existing patients priority .

New patients are of course welcome but we ask for your patience when arranging appointment times 

We will keep this site updated with the new protocols that will be in place when you attend for your appointment.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout this unprecedented time 


Our Approach

Whether you are an elite athlete or an armchair fullback, at Body In Motion - Wigan you can rest assured that I have just as much passion for applying my experience in treating you from your everyday aches and pains to sports related injuries.  In the end, the principles involved are the same.


You will be given a clear personal rehabilitation programme which you will be able to access any time via your phone , tablet or computer .  Our aim is when you leave each treatment session you have all the answers to what the issue is, how you can speed up your recovery and exactly where you are in your care plan.

At Body in Motion Wigan .... you are the most important person in the clinic !!